The ultimate guide for first-time RV'ers.

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The ultimate guide for first-time RV'ers.

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Are you ready to enter the travel style of self-drive holidaying as a result of Covid no flight restrictions? At Apollo we understand that the world of RVing can be confusing to newbies who want to simply hit the road & start adventuring.

If you’re wondering where to start, what an RV, motorhome & or campervan is, then keep on reading... We’ll break down the basics of choosing the right RV for your future travel adventures!



What is an RV?
RV is an umbrella term used to describe recreational ‘motorised’ vehicles used for leisure & accommodation. At Apollo we stock motorhomes & campervans, both classified as RVs!


What is a motorhome & what type of travel are they for?

Known for being the largest RV on the market, motorhomes are typically 2 to 6 berth motorised vehicles built on a long-wheel base chassis. Ideal for any intended road travel, motorhomes are the perfect home away from home generally offering a spacious layout with a queen bed, kitchen & bathroom facilities. As well as features commonly found in a home such as television, air-conditioning, dining & comfortable seating options. Motorhomes also have the additional benefit of optimal storage compartments in comparison to other RVs, making this vehicle the ultimate home on wheels for long-term travel. 

The Talvor brand offer a range of motorhomes, to check them out click here


What is a campervan & why choose one? 

The go-to RV for solo or couple travelers, the campervan is slightly smaller than the motorhome accommodating for 1-3 people (depending on model). While the common campervan includes the same features as a motorhome they are typically more compact in size. A convenient day to night layout conversion makes the campervan our recommended RV for weekenders, short-term holidays to extended road trips. 

Sounds like the van for you? Check out our Talvor Euro Tourer campervan here


Looking for something smaller? The ‘camper’ could be for you.

Also known as campervan, the camper refers to the smallest zippiest of all RVs! If you’re all about ease of travel, packing light & prefer to spend your time exploring the outdoors as opposed to chilling on the couch then the Talvor camper range IS for you! 

The Talvor Toyota Hiace HiTop camper is great for those who are ready to embrace the #vanlife. Offering cosy sleeping arrangements, a fridge, kitchenette & dinette. This camper is the perfect weekend getaway adventurer.

To discover all of our RV range for sale in Christchurch & Auckland, browse online or visit our contact our dealerships to book an inspection & test drive. 


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